#hashtag: #whatdoesthisevenmean?

Most of you have probably not Googled the definition of hashtag, the word does not even exist in the Webster’s Dictionary. Hashtag is a word that became popular because of it’s extensive use on the Social Media site, Twitter. Twitter Help Center defines the term as, “The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.”Hashtags


#twitter-  When tweeting, the # is put before the word or phrase without using spaces. Using # categorizes relevant keywords and helps fellow Tweeters to search easier. By clicking on the hashtagged word followers can see any other messages in which that keyword was used. The most important rule of using a hashtag….don’t use more than 2 # per tweet. If you are an over-hashtagger, you might be categorized as a #spammer. No one likes a spammer.

#instagram- When it comes to hashtagging on Instagram, the same concepts apply as they do on twitter. Celebrity, #RyanSeacrest, uses Instagram and #hashtagging as a way to interact with his listeners and fans. Every morning Seacrest chooses a category such as, “your morning face” and asks his fans take a picture and hashtag it. When fans click on the keyword, they can see what everyone’s morning face looks like.

#facebook- There is no relevance of using a hashtag on Facebook. In fact, most people think its annoying. Facebook has not incorporated the hashtag function; therefore, there is no reason to # a keyword. However, there is an exception….If your Instagram and/or Twitter is linked to Facebook then your hashtags will show up, but don’t add them to your organic posts.Hashtagging on Facebook is a social media crime….just don’t do it.

Tips on how to use the # symbol effectively:

  • Spread and identify information on Twitter in an organized manner by using keywords such as the very popular #FF which means, Follow Friday.
  • If working together with others to spread the word about an event, cause, or business, be sure that the entire party agrees on one keyword so the topic can be searched with ease.
  • Create unique keywords that will be viral or find out which keywords are most popular and find a way to incorporate it in your tweet.
  • Monitor your keyword and make a point to use it as often as possible. If you’re consistent, it could be the most trending hashtagged word in social media.
  • If your hashtag just isn’t doing what you want, then out with old and in with the new!

Using the #hashtag symbol is easy and anyone can do it. Just simply put the # symbol in front of the word or phrase and now the world can see it!

Happy Hashtagging!

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