Social Media FAILURES: 3 huge no-no’s

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most popular social media sites and serve as forms of communication between customer and business. Social Media has become vital for companies trying to sell a service or product and to build a brand. Here are 3 major no-no’s to be aware of. Analyze your posts and tweets….are you committing a Social Media crime?


Social Media Catastrophe: The absolute worst mistake a business can make is not responding to negative feedback. Upset customers can make or break the reputation of a business. It’s your job to make the customer happy…no matter what. Offering them a free service, a product, or a special discount on their next visit is the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong! The truth is “The Customer is ALWAYS Right,” whether you agree or not.

Distasteful Tactics: Appropriate text and photos are crucial! This subject can apply to your personal Social Media page and your business page. Negativity is a huge turn-off and puts a very bad taste in viewer’s mouths. Creating a positive and inviting experience is important. You never know who is on the other side of that computer screen. Don’t give people a chance to judge your business before they visit your website.

No Brand Personality: Yes, you have a brand, but you are a person so be human-like. Don’t hide behind your brand. Connecting and interacting with your consumers brings life to your product. Let your viewers see who you are and participate in social discussions. If you’re afraid of interaction, chances are you will say the wrong thing. If you’re censoring, you’re usually hiding something. Let your employees be who they are and let them shine! If trust is an issue, then maybe it’s time to find new employees. Don’t be afraid to interact….fans love to feel special!

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