Maricela Castro, Corona Fit Body Boot Camp Owner

“I knew I needed help with the development of my FB and Instagram pages and driving an audience to our pages was going to be key in becoming successful.  I was a fairly new business owner and Jenna was a client of my business.  I’d already known her on a personal level and I knew I could trust her with my business needs.  I was definitely not disappointed.  I love that I can depend on informative and regular post s to my FB and Instagram accounts. Her articles are interesting, fun, and very much in line with what we want to communicate to our audience.

Jenna really took the bull by the horns and I loved that about her.  She tends to know what I need even before I ask.  I’ve always felt that she truly cared about my business, not that we were just another account.

I’ve been asked early on in our business relationship who does our Instagram posts because they really like the information we put out, I knew at that moment that I was going to have a long working relationship with SFM. I believe that all service-oriented businesses could benefit from working with Jenna and Socially Fused Marketing.  Providing engaging content is what drives people to seek us out and SFM does just that.”

-Maricela Castro, Corona Fit Body Boot Camp Owner